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Guided Hunting & Adventures in New Zealand

Doddsy’s Hunting provides a premier New Zealand hunting experience. We have access to some of New Zealand’s best trophy hunting terrain and a world class hunting guide to help you explore the country.

We call it an ‘experience’ because there’s so much more to it than just a hunting trip, your adventure will include good old Kiwi family hospitality and an endless list of non-hunting activities. This is all made possible due to our location in Lake Hawea, only a short drive from the popular Lake Wanaka Resort and Queenstown, the bustling adventure capital of NZ.

Barry Dodds (Doddsy) has been hunting all of his life; he’s been a professional guide around the region for years and has also hunted throughout Australia and South Africa - so he knows a thing or two about stalking trophy animals.

To experience New Zealand hunting at its best, get in contact with Doddsy. He can take you on the trip of a lifetime, stalking the internationally famous red stag, or his favourite hunting prey – the Tahr. Both are in abundance right on the doorstep of his Hawea homestead.



Barry and Tony Dodds are experienced and passionate hunters who have been hunting their entire lives.


View some of the prized trophies hunted with Doddsy’s Hunting.

Red Stag

Embrace the Adventure with Doddsy's Guided Hunting NZ

Doddsy's Hunting is your premium destination for guided hunting in New Zealand. As industry leaders in New Zealand hunting, we guarantee nothing less than extraordinary hunting adventures NZ. Whether your heart is set on the graceful fallow deer or the elusive red deer, our guided hunting NZ experience promises not only high success rates but also an adventure you'll never forget.

Explore the Stunning Landscape of New Zealand Hunting

Embark on a journey through the remarkable hunting grounds of the South Island, celebrated for its breathtaking vistas and diverse terrain. The backdrop of the mighty Southern Alps and lush New Zealand bush enhances your guided hunting New Zealand experience, providing picture-perfect hunting lodge accommodations and a global-standard hunting experience.

We've curated a variety of hunting packages, perfect for hunters of all levels of experience. From estate hunts to comprehensive New Zealand hunting packages, you can pursue diverse deer species, including the unique New Zealand fallow deer and red stag. Plus, guided hunting New Zealand extends to additional species like Himalayan tahr, Alpine chamois, Arapawa ram, and Sika deer. With Doddsy's Hunting, the adventure truly never ends!

Experience the Thrill of Guided Hunting New Zealand

Experience the adrenaline rush of hunting in New Zealand with our exclusive access to extensive private land on the South Island. Our hunting packages are a promise of top-tier guided hunting NZ experience with no hidden costs. Choose from a variety of hunting tours, each crafted to cater to all hunters' needs.

Tracking a majestic red stag in the South Island is an experience of a lifetime. Picture yourself pursuing a magnificent red stag through New Zealand's wild landscapes, led by your experienced guide.

Unravel the Diversity with New Zealand Hunting Packages

Delve into our diverse range of New Zealand hunting packages, each tailored with the hunter's preferences in mind. We offer hunt packages for a majority of deer species, game animals, and several other species listed in our price list. This includes the remarkable red deer, the elusive Arapawa ram, and the elegant Sika deer.

In addition to our hunting packages, we provide hunting adventures NZ for other game animals like feral goats and elk. These hunts can be effortlessly incorporated into your hunting tour for a well-rounded guided hunting New Zealand adventure.

Secure Your Prize with Doddsy's Trophy Hunting

With our trophy hunting packages, your dreams of bagging red stags and fallow buck trophies can come true. Our professional guides, equipped with comprehensive knowledge of the finest hunting grounds, will ensure you get the shot you're aiming for. We include trophy fees in our packages, so you can bring your trophies home hassle-free.

Relax at Your Home Away from Home

After an action-packed day of guided hunting NZ, unwind at our serene hunting lodge on the South Island. Soak in the awe-inspiring views of the Southern Alps, savour top-quality food and enjoy comfortable accommodations just a short drive away from the international airport.

As you relax, swap stories and experiences with fellow hunters, forging unforgettable memories of your New Zealand hunting adventure.

The Unmatched Doddsy's Hunting Experience

At Doddsy's Hunting, we're proud to offer hunting packages for the most exhilarating hunts worldwide. Our topmost priority is to deliver a world-class hunting experience marked by high success rates and the opportunity to secure outstanding trophies. Stunning vistas, diverse terrain, exclusive access to private land, and premium lodgings, we ensure the best of everything. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a non-hunter yearning for a thrilling adventure, we have the perfect hunting package ready for you.

Join us for the ultimate guided hunting New Zealand experience. Doddsy's Hunting – the starting point of your adventure and a place where the thrill of the hunt never ends!

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Our guests have the option of two types of accommodation at our Hawea homestead. Either a modern two bedroom apartment, or a double bedroom with an ensuite within the homestead.


"The beauty of New Zealand is magical."

- Girls with Guns


"We are both really fortunate to experience a hunt of a lifetime, we had fun the entire three days of the thar hunt."

- Norrisa & Jen, USA

"Barry not only became our guide but our friend"

-Jen, USA

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