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Welcome to the exciting world of chamois hunting in New Zealand. In particular, chamois hunting NZ style on our vast South Island provides the perfect landscape for this thrilling pursuit. As a hunter, you will find chamois hunting in New Zealand both challenging and immensely rewarding, given the alpine chamois' nimble agility and sharp eyesight.

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Chamois Hunting NZ: A Unique Alpine Challenge

Chamois are one of the most sought-after game animals for mountain hunting in New Zealand. When it comes to chamois hunting NZ's South Island is unmatched. These agile creatures, originally from Europe, have made New Zealand's alpine environment their home since 1907. The rugged, scenic landscapes of the South Island serve as both a stunning backdrop and an exhilarating challenge for any NZ chamois hunt.

Getting to Know New Zealand's Chamois

New Zealand chamois, celebrated for their speed and grace, are distinguishable by their dark brown summer coat, adorned with a distinctive black stripe along their back. During chamois hunting in New Zealand, hunters will be thrilled by the chase as these creatures blend into their snowy surroundings in winter.


Ideal Time for Chamois Hunting in New Zealand

Chamois hunting NZ style is accessible year-round, yet different seasons offer unique hunting experiences. Chamois hunting in New Zealand is particularly exciting during the chamois rut, which typically occurs from late April to mid-June. During summer, the mild weather makes navigating New Zealand's terrains easier, but remember, the chamois' excellent eyesight can make them more challenging to approach.

What Can You Expect from Our Chamois Hunting Packages?

Our chamois hunting packages in NZ are meticulously designed to cater to every hunter's needs. With the help of our experienced hunting guides, chamois hunting in New Zealand will be an unforgettable adventure. They'll help you perfect your shot placement to ensure a humane harvest, whether you're on your first or hundredth chamois hunting NZ trip.

Sustainable Chamois Hunting in New Zealand

At Doddsy's Hunting, we are committed to sustainable chamois hunting NZ practices. We manage our game populations with great care, conducting hunts on private land where chamois numbers are moderate, ensuring a balanced ecosystem. This practice allows hunters to experience the thrill of the hunt while contributing to the conservation of New Zealand's beautiful South Island.

The Ultimate Chamois Hunting Experience in NZ

Whether you are an experienced hunter seeking a new challenge or a novice eager to experience the thrill of the hunt, chamois hunting in New Zealand offers an extraordinary endeavour. The combination of the challenging terrain, the beautiful scenery, and the elusive chamois make for an unforgettable NZ chamois hunting trip.

We look forward to welcoming you to New Zealand for a chamois hunting experience like no other. Join us for chamois hunting NZ style – we promise, it will be a hunting trip to remember.

Frequently Asked Questions - Chamois Hunting New Zealand

When is the best time for chamois hunting in New Zealand?

While chamois hunting in New Zealand is available year-round, the chamois rut, occurring from late April to mid-June, is often considered the prime time for hunting. During this period, chamois bucks are more active and easier to locate. Summer offers milder weather, facilitating access to hunting areas, but the chamois' exceptional eyesight can make them more challenging to approach.

What should I expect in the chamois hunting packages?

Our chamois hunting packages in New Zealand are tailored to meet the needs of every hunter. With the support of experienced hunting guides familiar with the chamois country, you will be guided throughout your hunt. They will assist you with shot placement to ensure a humane harvest. Additionally, our packages offer various options for non-hunters to enjoy the stunning vistas of the South Island.

Can I hunt other species along with chamois during my hunt?

Absolutely! Our hunting packages can be customised to include hunts for other species, such as the majestic red stag or the elusive tahr, in addition to your chamois hunt. This allows you to experience the full range of game animals available in New Zealand's picturesque South Island.

How is chamois hunting sustainable?

At Doddsy's Hunting, we prioritise sustainable hunting practices. We carefully manage chamois populations by conducting hunts on private land with moderate chamois numbers. This approach ensures a balanced ecosystem, allowing hunters to enjoy their pursuits while contributing to the conservation of New Zealand's natural heritage.

How does chamois hunting in NZ compare to hunting in Europe?

Chamois hunting in New Zealand offers a unique and thrilling experience. The rugged and scenic landscapes of the South Island add an exciting dimension to the hunt. New Zealand chamois, renowned for their dark brown summer coat and distinctive black stripe, make for an appealing target for hunters seeking a rewarding challenge.

Can non-hunters participate in the hunting trip?

Certainly! Non-hunters are more than welcome to join our hunting trips. While hunters pursue chamois, non-hunters can relish the stunning vistas of the South Island and engage in other available activities. This makes it an ideal trip for families or groups of friends looking to enjoy a memorable experience together.

What gear do I need for chamois hunting?

Hunting chamois in the high alpine regions of the South Island requires good physical fitness and appropriate gear. Essential items include a reliable rifle, suitable ammunition, warm clothing for the alpine environment, and binoculars for spotting and glassing the elusive chamois. Our guides will provide further information tailored to your specific chamois hunting package.

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