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Welcome to Doddsy's Hunting, your premier destination for a thrilling experience of deer hunting in New Zealand. Nestled in the scenic backdrop of the South and North Islands, our hunting grounds offer a close encounter with nature and a diverse range of deer species.

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A Diversity of Deer Species: Experience Deer Hunting in New Zealand

New Zealand, a renowned hub for Zealand hunting, boasts a variety of deer species to pursue. Experience the thrill of tracking the elusive Fallow deer through the lush landscapes of the South Island. Our tailor-made hunting packages go beyond traditional deer species. For a unique hunting experience, consider hunting the magnificent Elk on our hunting grounds. From the Fallow deer's grace to the Elk's imposing majesty, our hunts truly capture the essence of deer hunting in New Zealand.

Embrace the Thrill of Deer Hunting Season NZ-Style

The deer hunting season NZ-style is an extraordinary spectacle that begins in early March, providing an array of opportunities for hunters. The Red stags, in particular, enter their rutting period mid-March, setting the stage for an intensified chase. By mid-April, most hunters find themselves in the heart of the action as these magnificent creatures roam around seeking mates. The rhythm of the season is also echoed by the Sika stags and Fallow bucks, their mating seasons coinciding with the New Zealand seasons.

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Experience More Than Hunting: New Zealand's Natural Beauty

In addition to deer hunting in New Zealand, you'll be awed by the country's breathtaking natural beauty. Take in panoramic views of the Southern Alps from our hunting lodge, or engage in adventure activities such as mountain biking during your New Zealand safaris. We also welcome non-hunters to immerse themselves in the stunning views and explore the wealth of attractions that New Zealand offers.

Expert Guidance Through New Zealand's Hunting Terrain

New Zealand hunting is an art, and our expert guides have perfected it. With their extensive experience and profound knowledge of local terrain, they ensure your deer hunting adventure is thrilling, safe, and adheres to the principles of fair chase. Whether you’re tracking a big Red stag or hunting Fallow deer in the verdant landscapes of the South Island, your experience promises to be unforgettable.

Trophy Opportunities: A Key Part of Deer Hunting in New Zealand

At Doddsy's Hunting, we understand the value of a trophy. Our New Zealand hunting packages come with high success rates, so whether you're hunting Red stags or Fallow deer, there's a good chance you'll return with a prized trophy. Our team will assist in preparing your trophy, ensuring you take home a lasting reminder of your deer hunting experience in New Zealand.

Join the Doddsy's Hunting Tradition

At Doddsy's, you’re more than a hunter; you become part of a tradition that appreciates New Zealand's beauty and the thrill of the hunt. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a non-hunter looking for a new thrill, we have a hunting package tailored just for you. Experience the deer hunting season NZ-style with Doddsy's Hunting. Take home unforgettable memories and trophies that will last a lifetime. With the free-range landscapes of the South Island as your hunting grounds and a range of deer species at your fingertips, the thrill of deer hunting in New Zealand awaits.

Embrace the world of hunting at Doddsy's - where every hunt is a story waiting to unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions - Deer Hunting in New Zealand

What are the different deer species available for deer hunting in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, you can experience deer hunting with a variety of species. Doddsy's Hunting offers comprehensive hunting packages, allowing you to encounter majestic Red deer, elusive Fallow deer, graceful Sika deer,as well as the majestic elk. 

Can you provide information about the deer hunting season NZ style?

The deer hunting season NZ style starts in early March, in the late summer/early spring time. The rut or mating season for Red stags usually commences late March to early April, giving hunters an incredible hunting experience as these creatures venture out in search of mates.

Can non-hunters join the trips during the deer hunting season NZ style?

Of course! Non-hunters are always welcome to join the trips during the deer hunting season NZ. While the hunters are engaged in their pursuits, non-hunters can enjoy the scenic views of the Southern Alps or try their hand at mountain biking, or for the more laid back adventurer, there are also vineyards and breweries to enjoy!

What does 'fair chase' mean in the context of deer hunting in New Zealand?

Fair chase in the context of deer hunting in New Zealand refers to an ethical and respectful approach to hunting. It ensures the hunter does not have an undue advantage over the deer, promoting sustainable hunting practices.

Are there specific hunting packages available for deer hunting in New Zealand?

Yes, Doddsy's Hunting provides specific hunting packages for deer hunting in New Zealand. These include opportunities to hunt different deer species such as Red stag, Fallow deer, and Sika deer, making your hunting experience in New Zealand truly unforgettable.

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