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Doddsy's Hunting are proud to be family owned and operated. 

With family being so important, Doddsy’s Hunting caters for not only hunters, but their wife’s and families as well. For those family members who are not so focused on hunting, the Southern Lakes has plenty of other activities to experience.



Your Guides

Barry Dodds

Barry Dodds is an experienced and passionate hunter who has been hunting his entire life. This has made him an expert on a wide range of species and allowed him to gain vast hunting experience from deer hunting to fur hunting, as well as the helicopter management of animals. 

Barry has hunted throughout New Zealand, as well as in Australia and South Africa and is an expert on terrain, wildlife and climate, ensuring his hunts are of the upmost quality. You can see a hunting trophy or three on the walls when you visit his Hawea Homestead.


Barry is an official SCI score and has measured many red stags for the record book.


"I will ensure you are well looked after and have a successful and enjoyable experience."


Barry’s family is important to this passion, with his wife Sandie playing a key role in the daily accommodating of clients, and his son and son in law also sharing Barry's passion for hunting.

Tony Dodds

Tony is Barry and Sandie’s son, formally retired from being a professional Triathlete for 13 years competing at the Olympics and World Series tour. He has been bought up by Barry hunting since he could walk. Hunting is Tony's passion, and he loves to show people the incredible countryside where we hunt. 


He is also an official SCI scorer.


He will make sure everything is run smoothly to make your stay more enjoyable

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